Custom video


A custom video will last for at least 5 minutes but can be upto 20 minutes long.

  • You can suggest what kind of clothes or outfit you want me wear.
  • Do you want me to strip off from the outfit and end up with almost wearing some lingerie.
  • Do you want me to dance around so you can watch my body and my breasts move.
  • Would you want me to open my legs or turn round and jiggle my cheeks at you.

You can specify which specific elements that you want to be featured

  • Use your name(£20)
  • Jerk off instructions(£20)
  • Themed(£20)
  • Dildo(£25)
  • Anal(£30)
  • Watersports(£45)
  • 48 hour delivery(£55)

Simply check the boxes below to specify how long it should last which feature you want

Let me know what you want to see.



    A custom video.

    I can usually get a 5 minute custom video completed in a couple of days, longer videos will take me longer to complete

    You can pay an extra £55 to be sure of delivery within 48 hours.

    If there are any issues with the script you send, I will contact you by email to agree a final script before making the custom video.


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