Terms & Conditions

Orders are processed when paid.

Physical Goods will be dispatched by normal post. If you want them Recorded or Registered, you must pay the enhanced fee.

Site Content is streamed on demand and you have an ongoing license to access it for as long as this site is up. You MAY record it for your own purposes, and to guard against this site going down.

Downloaded content is for you alone and may not be resold or otherwise distributed onwards.

You MAY NOT distribute any material to anyone else. To be clear, this means you cannot upload it to the Internet.

DVD’s may be resold, PROVIDED you do not keep a copy of any of the content.

Physical goods may be resold.


Your data is not sold or shared with third parties, and is kept only for as long as we think we need to:-

  • Orders – 6 years (by law)
  • Accounts – 2 years (of inactivity)
  • Everything else – carts, incomplete orders etc – 1 month

We may use your data for marketing and business purposes. This would mainly be sending emails and newsletters.